Orton Gillingham Reading Instruction provides general education teachers with the best tools available to teach reading, writing, spelling, and reading comprehension in the general classroom.

Why Orton-Gillingham?

IMSE offers Orton Gillingham training programs for staff development of general education teachers and Orton Gillingham tutors. Our research-based Orton-Gillingham program can be added to your current curriculum to provide comprehensive reading instruction and phonemic awareness for all your students. Our multi-sensory, kinesthetic, phonics based instruction meets the national core standards for reading instruction. We have tools on our website Orton-Gillingham.com to assist with Orton-Gillingham lesson plans and developing an Orton-Gillingham curriculum for reading instruction.

Dates and Locations of Orton-Gillingham Trainings

The Institute for Multi-Sensory Educationís updated Orton-Gillingham Methodology is ideal for any student who has fallen behind or who has learning disabilities, dyslexia, or other impairments preventing their reading development. Our goal is to decrease the number of students who are struggling with reading, writing, spelling, and reading comprehension when they enter the third grade. Orton-Gillingham in the general education classroom drastically decreases referrals to special education for reading remediation.

In many states, graduate and undergraduate college credit is available as well as SBCEU credit.

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